Selah Kids Collection Revamped & Renamed!

I'm sure you have noticed the global trend that has just hit (and no, I'm not talking about eclipse glasses). ;)  It's that time of year again, when moms around the world are gathering supplies, making checklists and getting everything ready for their littles to go back to school!

You've made sure they have their pencils and backpacks and crayons and notebooks, and maybe even bought some new outfits or trendy lunchboxes!  But what about their health needs?  Well now you can arm them for that too!


In case they have difficulty focusing during class or on their homework...

or catch a runny nose from little Rachel...

or scrape their knee on the playground...

Selah provides awesome toolkits for the little needs of little people!  

Our Selah Kids Complete Collection is a kit with 10 child safe roll-ons and one essential oil spray.  Specially formulated with kids in mind, they can stick the oils in their backpacks or take them along wherever they go.

And with all the name-changing going on lately, we didn't want the Selah Kids Collection to go unnoticed.  We already had a junior version of Resting, and it's simply called "Resting, Jr." Makes good sense, right?

So after putting some thought into it, we decided to simplify the names of the Selah Kids blends to match their grown-up Selah counterparts.  For instance, Armor may help to fight colds in adults, so we renamed the Selah Kids cold-fighting blend "Armor, Jr.".

Last week we renamed Empower and Regenerate, and we told you that we had more news on that coming soon.  So here's what that was all about... We now have both Empower, Jr. and Regenerate, Jr. I guess "technically" we've had them all along, but with this name change project, we have been able to reintroduce them to you in a more identifiable way. 

Here's a complete list of the new names for the Selah Kids roll-ons, so you can easily identify what's what:

Kids Line Name List.jpg

There is an important thing to note, though...

Even though the names of the Selah Kids Collection blends are the same as the blends in our regular line, the ingredients lists are different.  While Breeze and Breeze, Jr. may both help with breathing difficulty, Breeze (the adult version) contains ingredients that are not child-safe for ages two and up.  The junior versions of each of these blends are specifically formulated to be child-safe, while still having the desired effect.  So while Tummy Troubles and Tummy Troubles,  Jr. have very different ingredients, one may help with stomach upsets for adults, and the other may help with tummy issues for children. 

This actually marks the ninth month since the Selah Kids Collection was released, and during that time, we have barely been able to keep up with the demand.  When we were putting this collection together, we were so thrilled with the grab-and-go factor that this would offer moms - all the blends are pre-diluted for ages two and up and the roll-on bottles are crazy convenient.  These little darlin's just seem to fly off our shelves.  That makes me smile so much because I know that all the kids running around with these blends are being oiled up with child-safe essential oils that have been diluted at the proper ratios.  

One of the most common topics of feedback that we hear on the Selah Kids Collection is the amount of time and research that it saves moms.  It is no small feat to scour books, reports, and articles on the topic of essential oil safety for children until you know it well enough to apply oils to your littles.  But with the Selah Kids Collection, all of the work has already been done for you!  Years of research and information compiled by doctors and midwives in the field, forms the foundation on which this collection was formulated.  This offers you the peace of mind you need to roll-and-go without taking any worry with you. 

When you get any one of the Selah Kids oils, you can rest assured that it is safe for your child to use.  So now you can conquer the sniffles and get back to your mom-game.

Elyse Theriac