Fall 2017 New Releases

It's fall ya'll!

And we are jumping into the new season with not just one, but FOUR new products!  I really think you are going to love these.  Let me go ahead and start with my favorite one first! I'm busting at the seams y'all.


This one is very special to me personally, because I recommend it to people all. the. time.  Not to mention the fact that I use it on my own kids like it's going out of style.  I am super stoked that you can get it straight from Selah now!  So... Drum roll please... Introducing Helichrysum Essential Oil.

Helichrysum 2.jpeg

Helichrysum is awesome for cuts and bruises, since it's mostly known for its regenerative properties.  It increases your body's ability to heal itself (1), earning the nickname "liquid stitching."  Because helichrysum is a cell regenerator that rejuvenates the skin (2), it is ideal for treating a broad spectrum of injuries and skin conditions. This has to be my all time favorite oil.  For more info on the massive list of things that helichrysum can be used for click here

*This is different from our Helichrysum Blend (a bit more cost effective option)- the oils in the blend have been shown to have the same chemical makes up as natural Helichrysum.  But now you can get the real thing!


Next up, we have a special LIMITED TIME ONLY blend just for fall!  Cinnamon, Clove and Wild Orange are just a few of the sweet and spicy aromas that make up the new Harvest Blend.  If you want something that will make your home smell warm and inviting, but also might help increase energy and reduce stress, Harvest might just be the blend for you! (If you didn't catch this in time, no worries... this is seasonal so it will likely be back next year. ;-))



Now this one has been a long time coming...

We now have an all-natural, essential oil Mosquito Repellent Spray!  For those of us who live in Southeast Texas, this is a really big deal.  Mosquitos never really seem to go away around here, and some days it's hard to go outside without getting caught up in a cloud of them.  Now, you can use this as your weapon to ward off nasty bugs without being covered in sticky poison!

Mosquito Repellant 1.jpeg


And for the grand finale...

We all have things that are very important to us.  You know, that thing that is close to your heart, that you are passionate about, that thing that gets you going in the morning... for me, that thing is coffee. ;) 


And now, we've bottled it up into a super concentrated oil!  If you like the smell of coffee, then you will loooooove this oil.  Coffee Essential Oil is mostly used for making soaps and candles and all sorts of smelly good things.

So let's recap:

-Helichrysum: bc it rebuilds cells
-Harvest Blend: bc it's fall in a bottle
-Mosquito Repellant: bc they are the size of birds down here in Texas
-Coffee: bc it smells like I think heaven will smell

And that, ladies and gents, is all of our Fall 2017 New Releases.  Remember to refer a friend  through our rewards program and get a coupon for $10 off your next order!

Happy Fall Y'all!


Fall New Releases 2017 1.jpeg


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  2. Price, Shirley and Len.  Aromatherapy for Health Professionals, pg. 212
Brittany Pollock