Living Borderless

I'm Brittany and I'm so glad you are here. :-D


Why I Chose Oils:

For me, this lifestyle that is a bit like swimming upstream started about ten years ago.  I started seeking natural remedies, chemical free products, and ways to make our home toxin and chemical free. Are you on that same search? If you are, then you have come to the right place.

In addition to discovering the limitless love of God through the plants He put on this planet for our benefit, He has taught me much about life.  About doing it His way.  And I gotta tell ya, it has been so freeing to break through and find this place... This place of unapologetic, fearless living.  This place of authenticity and weightless freedom. This way of living out the limitless love of Christ, borderlessly (that's not technically a word, but you get me).  And so He planted in my heart the concept of doing life, this thing called living, in a borderless way.  Living borderless.

Treating my body as it was designed to be treated is a day by day learning experience, and can be challenging in this convenience-crazed culture.  But after spending my entire adult life studying natural medicine, nutritional resets, and cellular cleansing, I have to say that this journey has done far more than just teach me how to make a salad. LOL. It has given me the courage to take charge of my health! To live with intent and by His design! 

Essential oils are by far, my favorite and probably the most potent option for using plants to assist the body with healing.  They are just a tool in the tool box, as there are many wonderful modalities of natural medicine.  I have used tinctures, teas, encapsulated herbs, etc. along the way, but aside from diet, oils have been the most effective for my body.  Hands down.

My Journey:

I completed my Doctorate in Naturopathic Ministries (that's just a fancy word for natural medicine) a year after our son was born.  Eighteen months later we had another baby. So rather than open a clinic, which was my original plan, I had to go about things a bit differently than I had first imagined. Now, I am still helping people recover their health, as was the original plan, but I am doing it here on my sofa while the kids run and play and all sorts of craziness ensues! 

My Purpose Here:

Because of Who I have fashioned my life after, because of Who I follow, because of Who my hope is in, my purpose here really is to do life in this uncommon way - this free, exuberant, mountain-top, glass half full, no limits, laughter-filled kind of way, this borderless way.  

And wasn't Christ uncommon?

And isn't His love borderless?

And I know I'm not the only one on this journey.  We have all likely done many of the things on our Life-Purpose-List, but really I think all along, we have been made for mainly this.  This living borderless.  Like Him.

One way that He has called me to do living borderless is to provide you with 100% pure essential oils at a price you can afford.  And also to help you learn all you can about essential oils so you'll gain the confidence it takes to call the shots for your health and your body. And for your family too.  (I know how they depend on Dr. Mom.) ;-D

So... I want to get you started with $10 FREE. Just create an account and then check your email for the code!


I hope so much that you'll find what you are looking for here at Selah Oils! 

Now that I'm here doing health naturally, loving life, and living borderless - I am stoked about helping you get here too! 

Email me at anytime!


So the short version is this - Once I asked Him to take me deeper than my feet could ever wander, that my faith would be made stronger, that we'd walk upon the water... 

And He delivered.  He delivered this dare to do living borderless. 

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